About BimaNet

Insurance with a twist that puts money in your pocket

About BimaNet?

The only company in Kenya licensed by the government to provide Life Insurance at a discount of up to 75%.

BimaNet blends two ideas

Robust Life Insurance benefits & an innovative customer referral program

BimaNet is an aggregator of lives that leverages on the power of collective bargaining to offer its members better value-for-money and unmatched benefits on their life insurance products. We are the only company in Kenya licensed by the government to distribute life Insurance at a discount of up to 75% directly to the public.

Linda Fanaka, our flagship product provides maximum protection and financial security to a member’s family in the unfortunate event of their passing, hospitalization, disability or upon being diagnosed with a critical illness. Our welfare fund also pays a cash back bonus for no claims and doubles the customer’s sums assured by our underwriters without a corresponding increase in annual premiums.

Unlike conventional insurance, admission to the Linda Fanaka scheme is automatic and immediate - there are no medical exams or waiting periods imposed. We have also extended the age limit of senior citizens up to 75 years young!  

BimaNet is Licensed
by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya




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