About BimaNet

What is BimaNet

BimaNet is the only company in Kenya which is licensed by the government to provide Life Insurance at a discount of up to 75% directly to the public.

Linda Fanaka, our flagship product is specifically designed to provide maximum protection and financial security to a member’s family in the unfortunate event of their passing, disability or upon being diagnosed with a critical illness. Our welfare fund also doubles the sums assured and pays you cash back for no claims without a corresponding increase in annual premiums!

 BimaNet also presents a low risk, high return business opportunity for Kenyans who are looking for an extra source of income without the risks associated with running a conventional business. We provide you all the training and support you need to dramatically increase your chances of success while mitigating the risk of failure by up to 90%.

BimaNet is Licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya.

BimaNet mobilizes the power of Word of Mouth Advertising by rewarding you HANDSOMELY for introducing people to our club. Instead of hiring expensive advertising agencies and paying millions to media houses for publicity, we decided to take a detour and present you the opportunity of earning from our marketing budgets. By so doing, we save millions of shillings, which we use to remunerate you for performing this vital but cost effective marketing function for us.

Enrol yourself by purchasing one of BimaNet’s membership packages and subscribing to the business building power tools.