An innovative customer referral program

At BimaNet, we realize that majority of the Kenyan population find themselves strapped with rising cost of living, suffocating debt and unemployment. Many more live from pay check to pay check often struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month. They need an extra source of income but they lack the expertise to build a sustainable ‘side hustle’ without the risks associated with running a conventional business.

That is why our business incorporates an innovative customer referral program that enables virtually any Kenyan to earn an extra income by generating leads and recommending the Linda Fanaka product to their friends and family. Our state- of- the- art software is hard coded to trace our members’ referrals and it rewards them handsomely for advertising our product and converting those leads to customers.

This is not only a turn key business opportunity, we provide you all the training and support you need to build a sustainable business within our eco-system.


1. Subscribe
By purchasing The Linda Fanaka bundle of insurance benefits and subscribing to the business building power tools.


2. Refer
Create a prospect list of friends, relatives, neighbors or workmates who are potential customers of the Linda Fanaka bundle of Insurance benefits. Invite them to a presentation at our head office where a professional host will unpack the product and the business opportunity.


3. Earn
You will start earning from the very 1st person you convert to a Linda Fanaka customer or lead generator.