The Linda Fanaka 6-in-1 bundle of insurance benefits


While nothing can replace your presence in the hearts of your loved ones, a Life Insurance Policy will ensure that your dependents are financially secure after your death



No one likes to think about death and funerals, but planning for that eventuality eases the financial and emotional burden on your loved ones. BimaNet’s Dignity Plus plan enables you to adequately cover your funeral expenses so that your family can give you a distinguished send-off without the extra anxiety of organizing fundraisers.



Living with a serious illness requires a long list of lifestyle changes and unexpected costs that your medical aid will not finance.BimaNet pays you a lump sum amount upon being diagnosed with any of the specified illnesses in our policy guidelines. This pay out will help you offset any additional expenses or reduced income as a result of the adjustments associated with your recovery.



This product compensates you in the event of injuries or disability caused by violent, accidental, external and visible events. We pay you a lump sum or a monthly benefit upon disability



This feature is designed to help you cope with the extra financial burden when your life is disrupted by hospitalization. The money is paid directly into your account, which you can use to cover the shortfall of your medical cover or take care of other expenses from your hospital bed



We understand that it may take up to 3 years to recover from the loss of a breadwinner’s income, and that conventional insurance payouts are rarely sufficient to cushion loved ones throughout this period. We have therefore established a Benevolent Fund that doubles the sums assured below, pays you cash back for no claims and protects your income upon death or total permanent disability