As a Member,  do I pay more for BimaNet’s insurance products?

NO! The price point of our insurance benefits is pre-negotiated with established insurers at a substantial discount of up to 75%.


What is the difference between an Independent Business Owner ( IBO) and a Preferred Member ( PM)?

IBOs have subscribed to the Insurance benefits and business opportunity and are therefore eligible to earn commissions and bonuses from our Customer  Referral Program ( CRP).

On the other hand, PMs have subscribed to the Insurance benefits only; they are not eligible to earn from the  BimaNet CRP.

When do I qualify to earn as an IBO?

You start earning from the very 1st person you introduce to become a BimaNet, PM or IBO. You continue to earn passively from all the business generated by the members in your network up to 5 levels.

When and how do I get paid?

Your IBO earnings are paid at the beginning of every month to your nominated bank account.

How do I keep track of my business?

Log into your back office to check up on the performance of your genealogy in real time.

What happens to my business if my membership lapses?

You will not only lose your insurance and income protection benefits, you will no longer be eligible to earn from your business. To prevent any such disruption, please renew your subscription on or before the 10th Month anniversary of your membership.

I already belong to an MLM company that distributes health and holiday products. Is joining BimaNet a conflict of interest?

No. A competitor company is defined as an entity which is a rival to another because it offers similar products or services. BimaNet is a distribution channel for insurance benefits not health or beauty products. You are therefore free to join BimaNet to supplement your income as a networker without violating your existing contract.

Will I have to give up my job to become a BimaNet IBO?

No. The BimaNet model enables ordinary people to begin the process of building their own business without jeopardising their immediate income or employment.

What will happen to my business if I die?

You can bequeath your business to a nominated beneficiary. The income generated in your line of sponsorship will be paid to your nominee’s bank account.

I don’t know how to run a business; will I make money from this opportunity?

Yes! We have taken all the guesswork out of building a conventional business by developing a turnkey system, complete with training, operations and customer service. Inviting your friends to a presentation is all you need to become a successful BimaNet IBO; we do all the selling on your behalf.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your BimaNet membership at any time by opting not to renew your annual membership.